Cop Unloads Magazine into Gun Toting Scum After Traffic Stop!

Good Work!


bad guy died. When does his statue go up?


Riots will be coming soon. BLM and Antifa thugs love their violent criminals.


16 shots well deserved. Fucking scum!! With a baby in the car.

I’m sure Brevard county commissioners will ensure money is set aside for that statue.


Such an odd angle of footage, what was recording?

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Looks like dashcam. Being in Brevard quite often, most cop cars I see have dash cam integrated in rearview mirror for wider unobstructed view.


Probably dashcam from second cruiser, they record in high def/wide angle


No justice, no peace!

Matt Serra

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Looks like those cops…got caught lacking.

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What happened to the other cop?

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The one that allowed himself to get clubbed with a rifle by the perp? After losing the shooting portion of the gunfight to a sideways shooting draco enjoyer with half a magazine of steel case Tula.


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That was a shitshow. How do you let that guy stay pull that gun and get out of the car? Then how do you let him flank you with an empty weapon ?


The one that went off screen to the right? He circled around the cruiser and was the one that mag dumped on the guy.

I hope the cops are ok

I had to watch with the sound off so I may have missed something but I was talking about the cop that the gunman was on top of.

You don’t know what a “clip” is, huh?

LOL, nice save, OP!

When does this guy’s statue go up?


They put many citizens at risk with their incompetent conduct. They deserve some consequences. That scumbag should have been dead before his kalashnikov toting feet hit the ground getting out of the car.

Tunnel vision, officer that was shot went for cover behind the cruiser, when he went back into the fight, perp had already run to the driver’s side which he didn’t see. 2nd officer was looking but doubt with the tint that he could see through to that side.

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