Cop Unloads Magazine into Gun Toting Scum After Traffic Stop!


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Why did he get shot in the first place?

Both he and perp were shot in the legs on initial exchange, perps gun jammed so he decided to use as a billy club, officer is recovering last I read.


I don’t know that I’m disputing any of that. I hope the cops are ok.

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Love the mag dump at the end. Well deserved.

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How long before the “he was no longer armed why did he shoot him” or the “why so many shots when he was on the ground already” arguments?


I’m not buying the fake back-the-blue sentiment Sam.

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Never from a sane person.

I’m ok with that.

Seemed the cops really had there guard down. Went from a friendly conversation about having babies and dogs to I’m going to murder you now. Really feel for the cops that have to deal with the threat of being murdered everyday. These thugs have gotten better at showing a calm harmless demeanor before going 100 percent into kill you mode in a split second.

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In the video you can clearly see that the bolt on his AK was open, meaning the mag and the chamber were empty.

In that situation, police are not looking if bolt is open. Get real. Asshole was a threat and got what he deserved. No apologies.



You’re so ok with it you had to post about how ok you are about it. Another fake post, try and be real, go ahead.

The guy talking to the cop about dogs and babies didn’t turn into a murderer suddenly. The guy who got out and started trying to murder people was the murderer the whole time. Unless I missed the other two shooting too.

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I’ve posted nothing but truth. If you don’t want to believe me; I’m ok with that. Does that upset you?

Sheriff’s statement

His name will be all over NFL jerseys on Sunday. And they’ll put his name in the big screen while singing the black national anthem.


Well, not all AK magazines are bolt hold open.

Watching now; thanks for the link

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