Copa Pacifica Results

Does anyone have the results of the copa Pacifica Cleber's tournament???

Here you go...

My pic is in there - busted up knee and all :).

Chris "Cowboy" Kelbaugh

???'s belong in a thread title where you're asking a question.

Thanks Furacao!!

Do you know where I can find complete results for the whitebelts??


Floppy where do you train at?

Johnson's boxing and kickboxing, but there's a good brown belt teaching there and he took a couple of white belt students down to compete.

I don't think they would be representing "Johnson's" though, so I don't know what school they are entered from. We're in between names on what the BJJ school name is gonna be.

Floppy - Sorry dont have any info on the individual results other than the teams and the superfights.

NFE - He got swept and I also think that he got his back taken.

He definitely did go for it. It was a good performance.

What'sss uupppp dude, haven seen you lately. I think John Long placed secound in the purple.

Taka, the Japanese Judo guy who had beaten some BJJ BB's in the past lost to Fraginha( Ricardo Muller) by points.

hey furcaco! congrats on the team win guys!!!! heard that big james took his division.:) so you guys finally got him to compete huh? :) see you guys in the summer.


I thought that was picture of John " Money" Long on ADCC on Monday. Boy finally got his purple his game must be pretty tight.

luis vega got rob. he tapped his opponent only to have the ref stop and restart again. shame.


Carlo - Big James did AWESOME! His first match he beat the guy 42-2. It was crazy even Ryron Gracie came up and complimented him on his technique after the match. Big props to him for finally stepping up - he hates competing though lol. Rest of the team did great - lots of gold medals for the day. Hope you are doing well out in Chi-town.

How did Noman do?

Does anybody know how many fights Ralek had or how he won his matches...

What up Boogie you been training?? I heard you moved??