Copa Podio

Gregor Gracie VS Leandro Lo in the finals

Lo defeated Gregor earlier in group play 8-2

Gracie defeated Gilbert Durinho 4-2 with less than one minute left in their match to secure a spot in the final. Durinho was undefeated until that point

Lo defeated Victor Silverio to earn his spot in the final 8-0

Gianni Grippo had 3 ties and one loss by arm bar to Durinho Phone Post 3.0

Fernando Viera had close matches with a draw to Marcio Andre who also had two draws of his own.

Victor Silverio earned his spot in the semis with a submission of Marcio Andre and a draw with Gianni Grippo Phone Post 3.0

Silverio takes 3rd place defeats Gilbert Durinho with a last minute penalty against Durinho. Phone Post 3.0

That's a big win for Gregor over Durinho.....Durinho's athleticism is ridiculous.

Stream just went dead. For such a great tournament their production values are horrible, prob the worst in competitive Bjj. Working on getting it back Phone Post 3.0

Choo choo! Phone Post 3.0

Not sure if Gracie lost by points or submission. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the info! Phone Post 3.0

durinho is unreal. i'm actually shocked he lost to gracie and silviero Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the updates!! Phone Post 3.0

bmorela3 - durinho is unreal. i'm actually shocked he lost to gracie and silviero Phone Post 3.0
He looked great the while comp. Gregor took him down and attempted to go to his back with about 29 secs left. The ending of the Silverio match was much more controversial due to questionable penalties. Phone Post 3.0

Gracie really had a great night and proved he has top level Bjj. Phone Post 3.0

Silverio and Marcio Andre also had big nights with wins or draws against very established opponents Phone Post 3.0

The feed was terrible.
I was really looking forward to Lo and Gilbert in the finals.

Great finish by Lo, guy is consistently one of the best in the world. Phone Post 3.0

Such a great tournament format
And getting better as they are bringing in more varied overseas talent eg Abraham Marte this time winning the city challenge Phone Post 3.0

Bummer about Durinho. What was the penalty that was assessed?

I'm surprised his name isn't mentioned more in BJJ conversations/threads considering his accomplishments. One of the greatest BJJ practitioners alive IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Durinho is focused on MMA now. He just had a fight a couple weeks ago. He doesn't train with Atos anymore. This Copa Podio was totally set up for a Durinho vs Lo final which never happened. Big bummer to say the least. Durinho is great but this event is too competitive to win without proper prep.

Durinho made all his opponents look sub par with the exception of Gracie. He secured great wins and most who saw his match with Silverio including myself would say besides a questionable penalty he won. Would have been fun to watch him go up against Lo, but Gracie stole a show many gave him no shot in. Phone Post 3.0

He won one by adv and lost one to Silverio.
He beat Fernando Vieira by 2pts.
His fight with Gianni was close until he caught his arm with a min left. None of these guys are even in his league so he def wasn't at his best.
Lo is on another level..