Cops need bjj

General MMA training would be superior to just BJJ. You need to be able to hold your own striking as well as general takedowns and grappling.

Guys, cops need to train In Krav Maga, they need to perfect eye pokes, ball kicks, throwt grabs, and fish hooks.

The only thing he needed was two big handfuls of hair. The hair latch , so apparent and available.

KOGA aikido. If it is not KOGA certified it sucks donkey dick.

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Why the fuck would cops get into a fist fight


I am going to give that cop credit. That was a real fight. Very rare. I think he did fine. I think he was stronger and did what he had to do. The shithead moved better and was obviously a veteran of real fighting.

The back up officer sucked. But he looked mixed race with some white blood in him. he was thinking I dont want to be in Ad Seg with Chauvin.

I really really wished I had of been there. I have won dozens of those kind of fights. My background in football , makes me the shit when it comes to wall banging and push pull parking lot fights . I have literally put huge handfuls of hair in a prisoners property box at the jail. The hair latch works great. It gives you distance, and they really have a hard time effectively striking with their head being jerked around. dreads come off, grab another handful and repeat, knee strikes or move to rnv or guillotine.

I could justify the RNC for deadly force in his situation.

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good question.

It just happens and happens fast. In this case the cop commits to fight , and it was not an instant win. That suspect was a 1 percenter in the fact he was willing to punch and 100 percent go offensive with the headlock and other shit. Its a fucking fight man!!!

Anecdotal story. Friend of mine foot chased a coin op burglar ( newspaper machine) LOL.

they fought 3 or four times , including inside a citizens apartment that the suspect kicked the door on. Suspect was big strong dude. Got my buddy in a good ass headlock. Buddy pulls his HK P7 out . Squeeze cocks it. KLACK. And held it against the suspects head and said let go. End of fight lol.

voice of experience right there. Disengage.

he may get away, he looked like he was slim and could probably fucking FLY!!

Reminds me of a little story. Old friend of mine I’ve known since junior high. We roomed together for a few years. During that time he was going to school to be a cop, and got his first police job, part time in an outer ring suburb. I came home late one night, and he was sitting in the recliner, rocking away, hitting the JD pretty hard. The thing that really stood out was how he was flipping through one of his shooter magazines and staring at the wall in front of him.

I ask him what’s up? and he proceeds to tell me how they went to arrest a known POS on a warrant. They were wrestling with the guy in the hallway, when he grabbed one of the cops’ pistol and pointed it at my friends groin and pulled the trigger. His sergeant stuck his thumb in the hammer before it went off.

He stuck to it though, retired from Minneapolis PD just a few months before the Chauvin incident.

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It takes a certain personality to pay out of pocket and train extracurricularly. The majority of LE (and people in general) do not look to do this, unless combat training is a passion. Most just do it because it’s a career and it ends there. That’s why it is unfortunate that there is at least not motivation or incentive for departments to find ways to rearrange their budget to subsidise training. Most normal humans who have families and a house to worry about aren’t going to go 3-4 times a week to go train some martial art unless it’s something they happen to be interested in.

To add confusion, I think most departments forbid the most powerful tool in bjj - control of the neck. Even so, someone with a few years of serious bjj training will be eons ahead of the pack. Yes, I know it’s hard to control (and monitor the hands) of that squirmy ass scrappy meth head, but trying to control them with just the combatives learned from the Academy is a joke.

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At my gym maybe 15-20% of the gym are local cops, they see the value in it for sure. Even if it’s not perfect for all situation, anyone would be much better off know BJJ then having no ground game at all.


I paid out of pocket for Jiu Jitsu and it was expensive back then. 350 a month.

I paid because of one particular fight . I won but was banged up pretty good. i was getting tired of getting banged up. We did not have spray or tasers back then. LOL.

This particular fight pissed me off. he was big, about my size, but fatty fuck Mccottage cheese. He was 6.3 260. I was 6.4 235 ripped. I was really pissed because of how long it took for the win. and again, road rash on knees, elbows, face and torn clothes. he was happy with outcome because I was a modern male masterpiece of fitness. very fit and very strong. The fight ended with me standing over him , he was sitting with legs spread, straight up , as if he was going to do some ham stretches.he was about 90 percent gassed I got up and had just begin raining down hard punches on the back of his head, he covered up. Bang bang bang. Then the first back up that arrived… Pulls me backwards off of him. LOL. I hated that mother fucker (backup guy)for the next 30 years I worked with him.
I was gonna get some flesh payback and got denied.
My backup later said, sorry man I just saw you punching the shit out of his head while he was sitting down. I was so fucking pissed. I was going to punch him until he was fucking unconscious.

I see that fucker I fought , he a broken down panhandler, occasionally around town. he usually says something like " that was a pretty good scrap" . I ignore him. he thinks he did better than he did. He did not know I got pulled off. i was going to beat him into a swollen mess.

jiu jitsu changed my professional life. I used it a lot, but the department allowed the RNC at the time. Not now. I would not let anybody that I cared for be a cop nowadays. complete bullshit.

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Very few people have been in the situation in the video. It’s a very dangerous situation but i bet the officer would have finished it sooner if he had some BJJ or wrestling.

chick im dating is an ex cop and has a similar story. once the gun comes out they give up lol

Room for improvement is a dangerous understatement…

He had no concept of setting his base or even just controlling his hips. And he had absolutely no idea about dominant arm positions or tieing up an opponent (i.e. the ABSOLUTE basics).

Hell, 2 hours in a Rener Gracie workshop and that whole thing would have gone down differently.

To put it mildly, I don’t think someone with that level of inexperience/training should even be a police officer. And for me this video is just another sad indictment of the backwards nature of law enforcement in the US. Sadly… so do your comments on this.

Get these guys trained immediately.

What he really needs is this:

Plus the societal permission to use it as required.


Big Boss Man is the model law enforcement officer.


No to bjj… yes to folkstyle wrestling… the whole fucking point is to control.


It is annoyingly hard to buy a telescopic baton.