Cops need bjj

cop is to heavy. true that. he looked off balance the whole time. does not train.

but at least he is game. The back up should be whipped with a belt for being such a soft pussy. should have punched him right in the face.


I didn’t say go toe to toe. They need general striking and defensive work. You need to be able to defend yourself.

You cannot transition to deadly force unless deadly force is warranted. Physical exhaustion can be one of those factors. Female officers tend to go to deadly force way before a man would.

and they can get away with it. The cuter they are, the more force.

Good looking small blonded white girls can smoke fools. pistol whip people and tase people for being a smart ass.

Yes. They do.

They have to do it on their own time and pay for it

People dont like doing that

Forget about increasing taxes to pay for them

? Wat? I have one and I’m 95% sure they’re illegal here. I just bought it online.

You’re exactly right. I spent 10 years doing BJJ, 2-3 times a week until my body finally said “what the fuck are you doing to me” I had to quit going because my right knee is wrecked. I can’t even squat down on it anymore.

Anyway. You’re 100% correct. Everything I did in class crossed over to the street, only easier. I never had a problem with people who resisted and I could control them without hurting them. Others on the department who aren’t traned enough panic, resort to other weapons (which is OK for them in that situation) but I would review body cam footage and shake my head.

They don’t understand what they could’ve done to easily control the person but they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Good post!

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