Cops put handcuffed guy in back of car, he ends up shooting them

If you don’t care enough to read it, then you don’t actually care enough to emotionally rant about it imo.


What a heartwarming story with a happy ending!


2017 at the Arnold Police station.

This…how did that happen

Not to mention dude gets to his feet ready to engage again, then moves inside for aid.

Chicago is due to lose approximately 1000 officers this year, due to retirements & resignations. God help that city. Only a handful of new hires. LGB

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And because of the pandemic, most of the newer hires have been complete retards because they had them do most their training through Zoom meetings instead of live at the Academy.

everyone must’ve been on their lunch break while the shootout was going on

all those fat old guys looked like they just woke up when they finally realized what was going on out back

I’ve been put into a cop car before being searched

“I guess the only answer will be to create a federal police force.”

  • Chicago mayor

Quoting Mel Gibson from “Ransom,”

“God be with you because no one else will be,”

If you have the ability to leave that place and you don’t, I question if you can ever be helped.

pat down fail eh?

i propose a new law: cops can shoot anyone in the face tattoo for no reason



What’s the over/under on baby mommas?

I put it at 3.5

This will show in the next ADL report as rightwing violence

In Argentina they don’t get to that point.ía_de_civil_liquida_a_un_ladrón_por_la/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Paralyzed from the chest down but was able hang himself?

I’m thinking he was given an assist.

Fuck that mutt! May that myate rest in piss for eternity