Cops respond to Black guy taking out his trash. It gets worse

OG responds to faggot OP…It gets better…

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Said the dick.

Beat it boomer… No world for old men …here.

First of all so what?
Secondly, did you watch the video? The cops only just now released the video because of the lawsuit.

“Take your cuffs and wait for an explanation”

Yeah if you are a pussy cuck apparently.

Hardly facts. So you think responding with racism, makes you look smart?

WOW, these fools are seeking 3 million for that? Cops can give me the George Floyd (minus the fentanyl in my system) treatment if I can collect 3 million.

I get it. It sucks but in the long run losing out on one night isn’t the end of the world. Do you think your situation would have improved or worsened had you resisted?

Or just a reasonable person. You’ve proven time and time again that you’re far from reasonable.

Yeah, a normal response is going to be serious anger. A cop isn’t supposed to be able to roll up on you, start yelling at you and ordering you around like you ain’t shit and cuff you for when you didn’t do anything. If you have the emotional control to just go along with that bullshit until it gets sorted out, great. It’s understandable that somebody wouldn’t though, plenty of people are gonna snap and something like this goes down.

If you DO go along and don’t make an issue out of it, the cocksucker cops gets no consequence for the behavior. It’s just an oops, oh well situation, then they continue on doing shit like that. So it’s almost like it’s better off if the person spazzes out. Cop might get disciplined and maybe a lawsuit gets them paid for the harrassment.

“Or just a reasonable person”

No, just cucks and pussies.

Vete mucho a la verga Puto.

Yeah if it happened to your son or brother, pretty sure you would just let it go and take the cops out for burgers.
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I dont how you can say that’s “unacceptable” police work after saying take the hand cuffing and have it explained later.

You have to accept that as valid police work to accept being cuffed. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth on that.

Apparently DemiGod clothing is getting a financial pump.

D’quan fixin ta get paid

Does anyone have the full bodycam so we can see the whole thing instead of depending on people telling us what happened?

what’s your take @GladiatorGannon ?

Why the fuck do you need to see a full anything on this?