Core Throwing Techniques Video???

Has anyone ever heard of these two videos, Core Throwing Techniques of Kodokan Judo Syllabus: Vol.1(Dai Ikkyo) and Vol.2 (Dai Nikyo).

I have been looking for a good set of videos that will help me with my Judo thows, but most videos out there seem to focus on ne-waza.

If these are not very good please list a couple of the top choices out there.


Go to for Dave William's videos. You can also go to for some videos by Koga and Ki-young Jeon. There's also "The Gokyo" which is a good video syllabus.

Core Throwing Techniques v.1 and v.2 are EXCELLENT videos for learning "proper" form and the principles that the first 16 throws of the gokyo illustrate.

However, they are not sport/competition oriented.

If you are looking for something sport oriented, I would suggest Dave William's videos (I own them and think they are GREAT) or Mike Swain's videos (don't own them, but have heard only good things about them).

Thanks for all the info!

Mike Swain's tapes from WMA are great.

dont mean to hi-jack the thread ,looking for self-defence type vidoes on throws ,not sport

I think in Tape number of the link above shows throws no gi and with the gi as well.

Modern Competitive Judo by Neil Adams is pretty good too. He goes through the throws, shows the difference between demonstration style and competition and shows footage of the techniques in action too. Plus there is some newaza stuff too.