Corey Hill- Maybe KICKED OUT??

What if the commission boots him out because he lied about his record?

He didn't. Dana knew about it, they just never told Jens.

I'd rather think it would be for lacking the instinct to finish.

He would have already been kicked out. Like Skarhead said, Dana already knew, and Jens just found out.

Dana knew? I missed that part of the episode

Dana said last night he knew about it after doing research on him. He said they decided to let him fight because of his frame?

i think letting him on the show was a good move on Dana's part....

its rare to see a guy that tall and that weight fight...i know i am more interested in seeing something different.

I though Jens said in his blog that he knew.

LOL. I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to lie to television producers.

The pre-fight tale of the tape listed Hill as 0-0. This was only a surprise to the UG apparantly. I'd like to hear from all the clowns that were posting on here definitively that Hill was "4-0" when I and several others mentioned that the guy had no MMA background that anybody could substantiate.

Well I am glad the dude made it on. I think he will do pretty well in the future.

"LOL. I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to lie to television producers."

No, I thought that he lied to the NSAC about his record to be allowed on the show. The NSAC may have rules on who can and cant join the show. That way, UFC wont pick some guy who has no fight experience, and gets fucked up in a fight. Thats the NSAC's job.

how soon is he going to have to fight? His bruised leg will be a big target for the next fighter.


Skin color has nothing to do with it.

People lie to commisions all the time. It's the commision's responsibility to do the research and that's probably what they did.

Brian P.

It's been a long time since someone got to fight in the UFC that never had an amatuer or pro MMA fight.

Maybe since SEG?

2 things came to mind when I saw Corey fight. How will his legs hold up to some good Thai kicks. Also looking at him fight I kept thinking of the fighter from Thailand in the streetfighter video game I don't know why.


I like Corey and think he's great for the show, but he is way too raw to be
on TUF. The biggest thing that bothers me about him is that he doesn't
use his size advantage at all! He lowers his head into range and tries to
fight small. Maybe after a year of training he'll be decent, but for now he
should not be on that show.

I'd been asking about Hill's record since episode #1. People will link you to his 2 amateur wins, but I figured it was common sense when he was the only TUF fighter to even not have a Sherdog record. If he really had fights prior to the show, they would've created one for him.
As for Hill, he didn't look great, but to beat (or even have an even fight with) a guy like Emerson says a lot. I can't recall too many 0-0 guys who could do that.

Sorry I meant Dhalsim from India