Corey Hill?

For some reason I can't find Corey Hill on Sherdog or FCFighter Databases. Also Manny's last name is spelled alot differently than it was on the TUF.

Filming of the show over. I wonder if he took Jeremy up on his offer to let him train him. Also I heard he is a hell of a wrestler

This my zone, this is my home. Nobody comes in my house or my zone.

That shit was hilarious. I really needed it after watching a man stick a tube in his arse. Why did they have to go into the room with cameras for that?

LOL  that colonic was hilarious....why hasnt anyone picked Gabe? He is having a hell of a time trying to lose weight...Pulvers team has to know that.

I defiantly admire his work ethic.However i hope he can keep whoever he fights in a standup position.If he goes against anyone with any decent ground game and it hits the floor he's most likely finished.

"jeremy horn called him a "big ball of clay""

I could have sworn he also mentioned something about corey's lips