Corey Hill

This guy needs to fight already! He looks like a monster in training and his intensity is second to none. Now I want to see how he performs inside the octagon once the cage doors shut. I stand by my early prediction of Nate Diaz meeting Joe Lauzon in the finals, but Corey is my dark horse.

",but Corey is my dark horse."

What is that supposed to mean?

",but Corey is my dark horse."

Would you say that if he were white? Racist imo!

racialist, imo

racist imo. lol

But I agree, Corey Hill looks like a beast! I am picking him to make it to the finals!

I say he loses via submission in the semi finals

Yeah he would say it if he was white. You never heard the term? Just trying to cause trouble ignorant fuck.

Corey V Brandon M in the final

"Corey V Brandon M in the final"

Brandon "Suave" Magana is not on the show! Sorry!

"Yeah he would say it if he was white. You never heard the term? Just trying to cause trouble ignorant fuck."

I cannot listen to you! You are defending an open racist!

Miller has no chance and I hope he goes down hard.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

I just meant that if my original prediction of Nate Diaz and Joe Lauzon being in the finals doesn't come true, then Corey is my next pick.

I'm picking and hoping Lauzon to win the whole she-bang. That said. Nate and Gray will be tough to stop. I sense Joe subbing Hill quickly in an upcoming episode.

"Yeah he would say it if he was white. You never heard the term? Just trying to cause trouble ignorant fuck."

Actually you look pretty ignorant for being too dumb to recognize that it was a joke.

I simply stated it in hopes of pointing out the irony in such a statement. Thus, your inability to see through your ignorance is thoroughly projected with your post, Toadizzle. However, I do forgive you, for it is more than likely not your fault you are the ignorant fuckstick you are today. I will therefore blame your inbred parents who thought is was great idea to shoot up meth and bang family members in hopes of creating an alternate lifeform. I am willing to bet, these same people are ecstatic knowing they have fulfilled their prophecy and produced Toadizzle. Good luck with that.
P.S. Those people are not poking your for scientific experiments, those are your other relatives.

Hes not racicist your just igorant if you have never heard that before. They use that expression in all sports. It basically means a person who has the potential to do great that you never thought would no matter if they are green, yellow, black, white, purple whatever. Thats why this message board sucks. Everyone just wants to cause useless trouble.

I've heard the term, but for those who haven't:

A dark horse candidate is one who is nominated unexpectedly, without previously having been discussed or considered as a likely choice. Often a dark horse is selected as a compromise when other, more prominent candidates' factions cannot come to an agreement. This metaphoric expression originally alluded to an unknown horse winning a race and was so used in a novel by Benjamin Disraeli (The Young Duke, 1831).


  • not "racist" imo

toadizzle, the fact you are still defending his racism sickitates me! Please go back to your KKK meetings, Mr. Racist!

Don't worry wardawg, I knew you were joking. I kind of set myself up for it though in my original post. I didn't think of Corey Hill is black/dark horse connection when I started the thread. LOL!

My ignorance is coming to this website to catch out news on fighters only to see that people like you (wardawg) who think you are all that can only get you cheap 5 seconds of fame by posting what you do. If thats what your happy with sitting around scratching your nuts all day on the pc cause that is the only action you get then have at it. I on the other hand will appreciate my meth head addicted parents for giving me the ability to make money and also be famous on TV and the internet. Say all the negative you want bitch fact is Im famous and your not!