Cormier: I just kept f--king punching

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                                Cormier: I just kept f--king punching

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                    <p>They say the true test of a champion is defending your belt, and at UFC 192 Daniel Cormier was tested to the limit by challenger Alexander Gustafsson. A brutal grinding fight, Cormier had to push himself to fight through pain and exhaustion to keep his title:</p>

"I don't want to lose this belt," he said, when asked how he was able to dig deep.

"So, when I got tired and was hurt, I just kept pressing. I kept punching even though my arms felt like noodles. I just kept f--king punching. I was going to fight him as long as we went. If it took 10 rounds I would've stayed in there. Maybe it looked like I was punching in molasses but I was trying to f--king tag him, and just keep punching.

"The measure of a champion is defending the belt after you've won it. I couldn't imagine defending it in a better way than tonight."

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