Cormier is the only answer for jones besides....

As much as people wanna see Jones get smashed, let's face it.... he's gonna run through everbody.    He can jab and jog his way to decisions or blanket if he wants to....  Besides a growth spurt that would disable him from making 205 again, Daniel Cormier is the only answer.


I think he means at 205. There are a few HWs, Alistair included, who would be favored over Jones at HW.

DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat - Reem?

yah ..but cormier can make 205..

theres no reason for cormier to cut down to 205 he is dominating at heavyweight there is no point. he said him and cain would talk about it if they had to fight each other.

Weren't you calling Cormier a "shot wrestler" a while ago?