Cormier should just go back to Heavy.

Jones will destroy him. Gus is the only hope for a half way good fight against Jones! He will lose too. Phone Post 3.0

Would Cormier be his shortest opponent both in Size/Reach out of everyone he's faced so far. Phone Post 3.0

? Phone Post 3.0

Yes for sure Phone Post 3.0

LHD is in a current state of David/Goliath. If anyone is going to be David it's probably Cormier.

Intriguing match up for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Cormier will put him on his back every time they tie up. Jon will be concerned about the takedowns which will open up the striking. Cormier wins this fight Phone Post 3.0

Jones wins this fight everytime, I'm not even convinced DC beats hendo Phone Post 3.0

jbj only has an eyepoke of a chance against DC....... imo.

The people shitting on Cormier in thread are fucking crazy. DC is absolutely a viable threat to JBJ.

Cromier is a beast in both HW and LHW divisions. I'm afraid he is going to destroy Henderson.

Jds vs cormier Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_J-DAWG - Jds vs cormier Phone Post 3.0

I always wanted to see that fight.

Great clash of styles, IMO.

Cormier will naturally be able to get lower on Jones (if he can get inside). Its an ironic matchup of differences

Lol, Jones is a Doberman. Cain and Cormier are pitbulls that will attack and not let go of those meatless bones and just maul him within the first 3 Phone Post 3.0

Ask Barnett and Bigfoot about DC being to small. Phone Post 3.0

Lots of fingers in the eyes and kicks to the knee. Cormier will be blind by the end of the first round.

We could be 2 H-Bombs away from Hendo being Champion!

One can hope. Phone Post 3.0

CapnKindBud - The only person that has even challenged Jones is Gus. And that's because he has a similar reach. Without that, no fighter on the scene has a chance . Phone Post 3.0

No, it's because Gus has great boxing. Stefan Struve would get wrecked by Jones. DC has looked good at HW and might be the best wrestler in MMA but it's hard to tell how he'll cope with the speed and versatility of Jones.