Cormier vs. Johnson 2

The main event of UFC 2010 features a rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson for the UFC lightheavyweight title.

Official Result:

I hope rumble wins Daniel talks way to much, don't get me wrong he backs it up. Rumble comes across as a easy going decent guy who is well spoken. I hope he catches DC early and it's over quick!

If Rumble makes it to easy, they will call fluke and then the rubber match

Rumble has to catch him in the 1st or 2nd round in order to win. The longer the fight goes on, the harder it will be for him to put DC away. I'm leaning toward Rumble winning via KO/TKO in the 2nd. I think this weight cut was hard on DC so he'll be even more drained and the towel gate won't help matters either.


I think DC wins but still holding out hope for that rumble KO

Rumble KO with 40 seconds left in round 1.



or Cormier smothers him again I just hope it's another great scrap.

Kimbo K -

I think DC wins but still holding out hope for that rumble KO


Rumble landed a perfect punch in the first fight and didn't put him away. I can't see him landing as clean a shot this time around. I have DC.

D.C. should come to the cage wearing his magic weight loss towel as a cape.

C'mon  on rumble!!  Get that Ko brother...and NEW

Rumble got this. 

Milo Kerrigan - 

C'mon  on rumble!!  Get that Ko brother...and NEW


Rumble the favorite?

Cmon Rumble; KO in the 1st

why is rumble wanting to always clinch??? DUUUMB

Why is he clinching this is embarrassing 

Why is Rumble trying to wrestle D.C.?  He won that round, but still...


1-0 Rumble

wtf RUmble keeps clinching

thanks John for calling that fence grabbing shit. DC got like 5 warnings.