Corned beef and cabbage

Not really a recipe - just really good shit. I've always shunned such braising of beef until our lass's mother cooked us this for St. Patty's day a few month's back.

HEB (a texas grocery chain, but I'm sure most other chains carry the same thing) carries this hunk of beef wrapped with a seasoning packet, specifically for cooking corned beef. You throw the joint into a big pot, fill it with water until just drowned, add the seasoning packet, bring to the boil and simmer, lid on, for 3+ hours, fat side up. Add more water as/if needed to cover. After about three hours, start poking the fucker with a skewer. When the skewer goes through the meat with no resistance, take it out, scrape the fat layer off the top (if you're a healthy cunt like me) - it'll have turned to the consistancy of mousse by then - foil it on a baking tray in a warm oven to rest while you cook the veggies. Doesn't really look like corned beef until after it rests, so bear with me. Quarter a cabbage and chuck it in the flavoured water for 20-25 minutes or so. Toss in any other veggies you care to, minding that cooking times vary, so stagger them accordingly. I recommend new potatoes and baby carrots.

I've found that a large diameter pan is the best, as the first time I made this I cooked two joints, and had to stack them in a tall stew pot because I didn't have anything wide enough to accomodate their girth, said the bishop to his boyfriend. I think it therefore required too much water to cover them, so the seasoning wasn't as concentrated as it should have been. The meat was still fucking fantastic, mind. So tender you could eat it with a spoon. And corned beef sandwiches the next day...oh, my giddy aunt! Just the meat and buttered bread - orgasmic...

And I hate cabbage with a passion rarely seen in one so young and virile, but this cabbage I could barely get enough of. Leftovers tasted like arse winnits, though, so only make enough for one sitting.



at my restaurant we used to braise it in half water half beer.

also please expound on "arse winnits" i would like very much to use this in a sentence.


I was wondering about arse winnits too

"at my restaurant we used to braise it in half water half beer"

That seems like a shocking waste of bevvie to me, but I'll certainly try it the next time I wake up with beer left.

And arse winnits are dingleberries.





yeah, brisket does not reheat well. All the evenly distributed fat that you worked so hard to melt will recongeal, plus it gets dry.

Sab - I miss chatting with you.  You have aim or something by any chance? 

If nothing else, hit me up,

Fulkrum - Can't believe you missed the tits I pulled for you at Sam's Boat while you were in town a couple of years back.

Jesus fucking age wept, mate. You drunk cunt.

Your restaurant has shut down, BTW. Thanks for the freebie, though. The food was top notch. I REALLY liked the hawaiian steak thing you guys did. It was ungodly good.

Took my lass there about a year later, and it was off the menu. The only reason I took her there was to sample that. What gives with that dish? Could you tell us the marinade/cooking techniques?

Change in ownership of the company resulted in a new menu coming out.  That steak was damn good.  We got it in pre-marinated, so sadly, no idea really how it was done specifically.   Guessing, probably soy, pineapple juice, maybe some mango?

As to the drinking...  I don't even remember meeting any women.  How sad is that?  Thats the only time I have ever been so damn drunk I couldn't remember anything.

HEB rocks.

I live in North Texas and the closest we have to HEB is its high dollar sister chain Central Market. I will say that Cental Market is unmatched in its quality of foods.

I wish HEB would invade North Texas.

He probly doesn't remember meeting women in Vegas either, despite the efforts of MrArmbar and I to get him laid :P

HEB is on a rampage in Austin. That's practically all there is anymore. Albertson's, Randall's and anything else are shutting down all over the place. As of late, they're building these new super HEB/Central Market hybrid stores all over.

I remember Vegas quite well actually.  I remember severe fucking leg cramps.


made it again tonight!

Holy fucking crap it's good! (used a little extra SnP this time, though. Call me an overseasoner a la french motherfuckers).

I actually reserved half the cabbage, and am saving the newly-flavoured water for their broiling tomorrow.

Kids, it doesn't get much better than this...