cornerman important during fight?

What i'm asking is how important or useful is a cornerman during the actual fight.

I know they are extremely important before the fight between rounds and after. But during the fight can they be more of a hindrence then help. Can it not distract the fighter?

I have only competed in a few amateur competitions and I was so concentrated on my fight I could not even here him.

Also in many martial arts they stress the concept of "one mind" where the fighter should be concentrating on nothing but the fight itself.

I think that it varies a lot from fighter to fighter. A good cornerman with a technical eye can be a HUGE a fighter that has the ability to listen. Like you said, some fighters do not have the ability to hear what's being said to them during the fight, while others can listen and follow instructions well. I also think it varies a lot on whether you are talking about ground fighting or stand up fighting. On the ground where things are sometimes a slower pace it can be easier to listen for instructions. And if you're in a position where your vision is blocked a good cornerman will realize this and can talk you through a tough spot.

My coach has also been my cornerman for all of my fights (Muay Thai). Even though I can vaguely hear other people shouting things I can clearly hear my cornerman because his is the voice I'm used to keying in on while training. And we SPECIFICALLY work out ahead of time key words or short phrases for me to listen for. This has two benefits, the other fighter will not know what you're being told to do since he won't know your predetermined "code," second is the fact that just one or two words can carry a full sentence worth of meaning. So a few words can give you a vast amount of information if it is practiced. Also it's good for pacing yourself to know how much time is left in each round. As most fighters and trainers know; what a fighter can see while "inside" the fight is vastly different than what someone can see from an outside perspective. In this case the cornerman can make you aware of openings that you will not see on your own. I've been very suprised to watch some of my fights on video and realize how different it felt from how it actually looked.

Almost any good fighter will tell you that the match is truly a team effort and not just an individuals set of skills that make for consistent winning.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Nice Post JR.

JR is pretty much right.

It matters a lot to me. Sometimes in the fight I will get lazy and I will see my corner and they will start screaming at me or make eye contact with me and it resets my mindset and gets me back in the game.

Thanks for the post JR.

Isn't it possible though the cornerman could tell you to go for something or not to go for something when it may be there or not. Basing this on that a cornerman can only see one side or angle of fight?

Monos, of course that is possible. That is where experience comes in. And as a fighter it does not mean that no matter what you have to do what the corner is telling you to do. It's still up to you to decide if they cannot see something that you can and doing what they say would be a bad thing. Maybe they are telling you to do a maove that you can't because they don't know of an injury you have sustained...there are a thousand, "What if's" but...again...experience counts.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.


mental backup. doesnt feel like ur in there all alone.

I've seen examples where the corner man's participation is a hinderance. I think it is necessary to find a cornerman who really understands you as a fighter, who really knows what you are trying to accomplish and they put forth effort to help you accomplish that. As opposed to a cornerman who is fighting vicariously through you and has his own agenda that doesn't necessarily coincide with your style of fighting.

That's an extreme description. I would say it is more common that a cornerman simply does not "match well" with the fighter. I think others on here can think of examples of this in fights that they've seen.

TheAx is dead on. I had a sub grappling match years ago. My cornerman is good at what he does but didn't really understand my game. He was screaming at me to do things that I don't use in my game. It was like yelling for Coleman to pull guard vs Nogiera.
Years later I had another match with a differnet cornerman who completely understood my style. He was a huge help, both technically and also inspirationally.

On the other side of the coin......I have always found it beneficial to listen to the OTHER corner...when you hear them yelling out instructions about subs and like they are telling me what to watch out for....that why your cornerman has to be good at conveying info without screaming out specific moves like most do!!

Thomas Jones

I had Peewee Mcall in my corner for my last fight, and I'll tell you it was extremely helpful for me.

I am just going to say, for me at least, the corner makes the differnce. If I have a good corner I know I perform much better than when I have a bad corner.