Cornerman seminars?

Does anyone know of any seminars for training to be a cornerman wether it be for boxing or kickboxing. I have been a cornerman for hundereds of MMA fights, but I would like to learn more about what to do for things like cuts and swelling. Or how to optimaly prep a fighter during the round brakes. Maybe even working as a cornerman in a semipro fashion.

maybe you should just confer with other experienced cornermen for the moment.Besides cuts are easy to deal with.All you need is vaseline and superglue

I think you should just practice in the gym wityh some of your guys.have them spar/grapple for rounds and give them pointers in between rounds on things they need to work on.As far as swelling and cuts goes that usually varies from coach to coach.My cornerman may do something entirely different than the corner across from us but it is what works best for us.

Doctor David Smith is one of the best cornermen out there, he is with Fairtex,Combat-Do and has cornered for countless pro, Amateur,Boxing,K-1,UFC he's been there.He is very busy but give him a call he will give you great info. His office number is 1-630-241-2221
Tell him Master Bob recommended you talk to him.

Did you give Dr. Dave a call?

Bob can you drop me an email at

I have a question for you,thanks


Bob, thanks for the tip, all though I am a little hesatent about calling some one out of the blue. I am not the best person to talk to on the phone.

How about any books or resorces that go into detail about dealing with cuts and what not. Where have other cornermen learned about this stuff.


" Where have other cornermen learned about this
stuff. "

From experience and other cornermen

Watch conners on tapes and at fights and while warming up fighters ask Q evrone in this sport is good to go on info.

There is a similar thread to this in the boxing archives if that helps any


Brian,did you ever contact that guy?