Cornette and BG James Fired

And also, I believe that almost everyone deserves a big push at some point or another, because you really never know who's going to catch on with the fans and become the next breakout star.

Eric has been with the company since the beginning and has busted his ass and at least deserves a chance.

Good posts Walt J.

Like you said it's a good idea to push different people.

You never know what's going to happen. Especially in TNA, as long as their not pushing Nash, Steiner or Booker T it's a good idea.

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Especially in TNA, as long as their not pushing Nash, Steiner or Booker T it's a good idea.

True.  I mean, what is the point of pushing raise their popularity and significance, right?

Nash, Steiner, and Booker T are already well established, popular, and significant.  That doesn't mean they can't get pushes every now and again to help maintain their status, but not bring in someone else for the top spot and let the other guys fade out for a bit and refresh their images, instead of just keeping them up top forever.

Eric's also made even that cheesy super eric gimmick watchable. He works hard, decent build, on the small side, but has charisma and can work a mike. Decent choice to push. If not for a megastar, someone dependable, and soewhat of a drawing ability.

I agree with Cornette...nobody named "Eric" should be getting a push. But I couldn't care less about Cornette being fired though. He should start his own company like he did with Smoky Mtn wrestling.

^ That seems to be when he's at his best.

I liked the whole Eric Embrey thing in TX in the 80's.

While the UK Sun had reported that Jim Cornette's departure from TNA was due to a backstage blow up with Vince Russo over the push of Eric Young, that is not the case according to a source.

The conversation was viewed as not a big deal, and a source within the company stated that the departure was amicable. Also, there was talk of Cornette returning to the company to work with the younger talent after "his break". The UK Sun has issued an apology and correction to the original story.

dx has a new memeber

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shootfightermike - dx has a new memeber

 No way in hell they would want him back.  Shawn and HHH are legends, this guy hasn't done much and would make them look bad.

Shootfightermike is correct.

His gimmick at the beginning of the matches on the microphone was the best part of DX.

What would he be in WWE now, Mr. Butt?

And lol @ him ever passing a wellness test.

WaltJ - What would he be in WWE now, Mr. Butt?

Your confusing BG James and Kip James.

Kip James was Mr. Ass.

His intro was the best of DX. Pretty much the life blood.