Corp laptops don't connect to hotel wireless

I've been chasing my tail round and round trying to figure out WTF is going on with my company's laptops and Hilton wireless.

we have new Dell laptops imaged with Win7


My users are able to connect to Starbucks or McD's with no issues, only seem to have problems when trying to connect to the Hilton brand wireless networks.


IP addresses are showing 169.254.X.X indicating that the machines are not seeing DHCP service inside the network.


I have attempted to flushDNS and reboot as well as release and renew the IP.  the machine are not seeing DHCP so this process fails and reports an error.

Some of my techs report that ipconfig /flushdns will allow them to get the machine onto the wireless network but I have not been successful with this process as of yet.



Do any of you have anything else you think I should try?   Or perhaps any other additional information that I need to include to help?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I ended up figuring out that the issue was related to a shitty version of Checkpoint VPN.  After updating to a newer version of the VPN software, wireless is working better.