Corporations now firmly in control

If you aren’t nervous yet, you aren’t paying attention. Amazon Palm Reader Launches in First Non-Amazon Venue

Cool, right? A biometric hand scanner that you’ll use as your amazon payment at concerts and grocery stores, hell to get into anywhere.

But what happens when you are guilty of wrongthink or Amazon “cancels” you from using it’s biometric scanner? No more groceries, movies, concerts, access to banking, access to credit, access to medical care?

I am seeing the left throw around terms like “Covid denier” and “Herman Cain Award” and “bioterrorist”. These are the same people that developed this wonderful technology that will be used to alienate you. THEY ESSENTIALLY DECIDE IF YOU’LL BE GETTING GROCERIES OR NOT in the future. Yes, kids, they will have nearly full control of the food supply.

Amazon. A left wing corporation will be get to be the gate keeper for all your basic services.

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If you are a decent human being and you have gotten your covid vaccine, then you have nothing to worry about. Now if you’re a POS anti-vaxxer, then good riddance. I am all for this.


Had both shots and i’ve always been responsible when it comes to space and masking up.

Sharp- if you are all for this, you’d better hope bezos doesn’t sell to ELON at some point and elon decides YOU aren’t getting groceries or access to medical care. It could happen. Even though I think you are a snively little punk I certainly don’t want to see your access to food and medical care cancelled.

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Setting the stage for our black mirror future.

The vax is making you all less intelligent daily as least based on posts you pro vaxxers make. I suggest you sue Pfizer now, cause soon you’ll just be drooling all over yourself.


Anyone who thinks this is only a good thing and won’t be eventually abused, needs to look at the last 25 years of the Uyghur Muslims in China.

Just because something wasn’t started with malicious intent, doesn’t mean at some point in the future they won’t use it maliciously

Technology marches on. Any innovation that saves time and increases convenience will be welcomed and adopted. However, you are correct. It most certainly will be abused. And the abuse will likely come from government/CIA/FBI through these companies instead of the companies themselves. Amazon just wants to make money. But they will be happy to comply with government demands to increase tax breaks or avoid government interference for non compliance.

United Corporations of America.


lol at claiming this was developed by the “left” and thinking that Amazon will have nearly full control of the food supply.

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That’s the thing these dumb kids don’t realize, these tactics will eventually be used against them too. “I agree with them so it’s cool”. Eventually they are going to force you to do something you don’t believe in and it will be too late to stop them because you enabled them now. Wake up dummy.


How won’t they? If they are the ONLY WAY TO PAY they control if you check out or not to begin with.

What a piece of dogshit, the trash that raised you failed you horribly.


Sharp comes into these threads and makes one inflamatory post then hauls ass. He never sticks around to debate. He’s 100% trolling.