Corrales/Castillo v Bonnar/Griffin


Which fight do you believe was more exciting and funner to watch?

Im gonna go with the BOXING match!!! Rarely do you ever see the top 2 fighters in a weightclass in ANY combat sport have as exciting a match as Castillo/Corrales was, that fight was nonstop action until the very end. Griffin/Bonnar was good, but IMO not even in the same solar system as Castillo/Coralles!!!

Not trolling at all, just stating the obvious. Two great fights, albeit in different sports...

Poeple always compare great fights so I see nothing wrong with this thread.

Castillo vs Corrales : obviously!!!

The thing about a classic boxing match is that it builds up. Round after round it builds.

The longer bouts, in this case, led to a great bout that cannnot be matched in MMA.

On the other hand, when it is a shitty 10 or 12 rounder, the longer bouts make for a boring time.

As for the Corrales vs. Castillo against Bonnar vs. Griffin - come on. Not even close in any way.

Sparkles is correct. I dont care what Ziplokk says about you ;)


We'll have to agree to disagree on this one then...

Comparing Corrales vs. Castillo to Franklin vs. Rivera is frustratingly stupid. If nothing else, it helps re-focus me on the brand of idiot that posts here.

Pink Sparkles is frighteningly correct. And I like Goku too, I really do!!!

Goku has the Fightsport troll talk down. He must be one of them.

This same thought crossed my mind. I personally don't think Bonnar-Griffin was anywhere near the best fight in MMA history, but having watched most boxing fights and maintaining a huge fight video library, I believe Castillo-Corales was one of the top 5 or 10 greatest fights in boxing history.

The difference in skill level is what makes it hard to compare the two. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely excited for Bonnar-Griffin and was really excited for those two and the sport but Corales-Castillo was about the most amazing display of talent and heart that I have ever seen.

Bonnar-Griffin was more amateurist, even by MMA standards but those two also displayed incredible heart. It's just that the talent was not at or even close to the highest level in the sport. With that being said, Bonnar-Griffin was about the best thing that could have happened to attrack the new fans on Spike. Although I actually like Hughes-Trigg more, the new fan would certainly be more attracted to the Bonnar-Griffin fight.

bonnar griffin was more heart.....cor cas was more demolition

The castillo fight was amazing, Bonnar Griffin was impressive on an MMA stand up level. But what makes an mma fight better, in my opinon are the other mma realted techniques kicks, soccer kicks,submissions GNP! I understand there are many boring boxing mathces! But when it comes down to stand up striking, a great boxing match, will always be better than a great MMA stand up fight up.

Especailly in the lighter weight classes. The in fighting in the Corrales match, the fighting in the pocket,the exchanges and combo's! It doesn't happen in MMA! Probbably because many guys don't know how to fight that way, and it wouldn't be effective in MMA becasue of the clinch, takedowns etc.


What a shock a boxing jockrider picking the boxing match.I thought that Bonnar and Forrest was better because the story of them fighting for a big contract made it even better.

You're an idiot now go back under the bridge.