Correct gets a bad rap...

Everyone's always picking on poor Correct.

"so-and-so pak sau's the Correct and pounded the Correct into oblivion on that one.."

"so-and-so lifted Correct up by the neck, double-blasted the correct before the correct fell to the ground"

Addendum ad nauseum.

I think people need to be more nice to the Correct, the Correct deserves a break.

Thank you for your time, I'm sure it could have been better spent but too late now :)

"I'm sure it could have been better spent but too late now :)"

Frost has taken the Correct by the testicles, dragged it through burning coals & fire ants and thrown it off a cliff.

Then, if the correct does not want to inherit the earth, the correct should bloody well learn to fight better so it can mash these fools down before they lay rap one on its holiest of selves.

rene.r has pulled the beating heart out of the correct's chest and eaten it in front of the correct. before the correct dies.


Tony Bordain (sp?) recommended it as better than cobra. He was right.

Me eat correct heart. correct heart eat good!

Correct, this thread is, mmmmm??


Correctus Maximus has led the of Correctagons to battle, and laid waste to those who would put down the Correct in any way.

"Fear me", says the Correct.

you guys better chill ...

cuz one day The Correct is finally gonna snap, and he'll show up to announce that he's only here to do 2 things, "to chew bubble gum, and kick some UG ass"

At which point, much to our dismay, we will realize that he is all out of bubble gum ...

JKDRonin has cornholed the correct.


The Correct bids you, seek thy salvation for the Correct will provide you none. And thus, unto you has the poor luck been sown, the Correct hath driven the Silver-tipped stake of Correctness into thy lycanthropic vessal of incorrectness, rendering you undone in your very being.


Oops, forgot to clear out the myThrd listing, but damn what kinda sh!t do people get on with? Poor Correct, poor poor correct. You should all be ashamed.