Correcting overshrunk GI

There was a thread a while back about getting a Gi to unshrink. Can anyone please post the link to that thread.

Somebody washed and dryed a two month old Sirus Gi trying to help out and it is too small now.

i think it was a joke, not possible imo.

IIRC the overwhelming judgement of the earlier thread was that unshrinking is not possible.

If you find a way, the market would be HUGE.

Next time buy a size bigger. It will shrink but once stable it will fit fine.

A hot Iron may relax the fibers and give you a bit of room.

Do the Sirus shrink a lot?

make jiu-jitsu friends that are smaller than you. I got a Keiko Raca and only washed it once. I am afraid to wash it again because it already shrunk and is slightly small on me. Thank god for my 2 Korals!

ask around your school and try to find someone that wants to trade up.

pretty much everyone has a gi in the closet that is either too big or too

Ok, thanks for all the suggestions. Even the sarcastic ones.

Yes, it shrank several inches. In the sleeves and pant legs, it is very obvious. This is the new light weight weave, competition cut if that helps.

I bought the Gi for my son's birthday; and, he said it was very comfortable from the start. He accidentally left it at the school and somebody washed and dryed it in a dryer trying to be helpful.

I don't see how me going on a diet would make the Gi fit my son any better. But I could stand to drop a few pounds for sure.

If your son is a growing boy cut your losses and send it to ebay. You can probably recoup alot of your expense.

His son is grown, and a brown belt (actually both sons are brown belts).

I think you're outa luck Mike.


Have you tried washing your son and drying him in the dryer? Could be worth a shot.