Corrie Sanders fought again?

I was messing around on and noticed Corrie Sanders has fought again since the Vitali match. He retired after that, yet he came back a couple months ago to destroy someone in South Africa.

Does anyone know what the deal is on him? IMO, he has been by far the biggest waste of talent in the heavyweight division in the last decade. Being a 6ft4, left handed, extremely heavy handed, quick, explosive, and granite chinned heavyweight led to no one really wanting to fight this guy.

His only problem was conditioning because he obviously never trained seriously and was never in shape. I really enjoy watching this guy fight, so I hope he comes back and fights on HBO again against a big name. I think he would beat Vitali if he came back in shape. Even out of shape, I can see him beating just about everyone else out there right now.

He single handedly destroyed Wladimir's career and ruined him mentally, I still can't believe Wlad's manager put his fighter in there with Sanders. He must have assumed the same thing 95 percent of the American boxing fans did when this fight was announced, that if he was a white guy from South Africa, he must be a tomato can. Great job Wlad's manager, Wlad has never looked the same since and never will again.

Anyway, is Corrie Sanders planning on fighting in America again?

corrie was suppost to fight in germany again but has had back problems for a long time, sohe said hes prob gonna retire

Totally agree with the waste of talent. Sad.

Don't know if he could beat Vitali, Klitschko seems to have great, if awkward, defense. I do agree that he most likely could beat anyone else. The guy had all tools to be a champion heavyweight just none of the desire I guess.

Yes, even though he is my favorite fighter, Wladimir got his cock knocked off by Corrie and still hasn't recovered. Another shame there because he was a very exciting fighter. Wlad had thunder in his hands and was quick and active. I would love to see him get the confidence to return to old form.

I was wondering if anyone knew more info because Sanders was supposedly done with boxing after the Vitali fight, yet he fought again just a few months ago in South Africa. Anyone hear or read anything about him? I'd love to see him return to America for another fight.

Oh yeah, and I really like both of the Klitchkos, which is why I criticized Wlad's manager for putting him in there with Sanders.