Corrupt files with MLB 07

Anyone else had this problem? I've never had this happen with a video game before, and now I've lot a season after spring training and two months. Good thing it wasn't later in the year like in the World Series, though I haven't checked the rest of my memory card to see if that's been screwed up too.

Is there anyway to avoid it happening again? I have no idea what might have caused it.

Never had it happen to me, and I own the game on PS2.

The game however does have some annoying glitches here and there, like the coaching staff automatically getting fired if you sim games during franchise mode.

In the gamefaqs FAQ for franchise, the guy mentions having had the corruption issue with last year's version.

The biggest glitch I've seen so far that I can't understand why they didn't get out is watching infielders miss throws, sending the ball into the outfield, when they toss it around the horn after a play. Fortunately this doesn't appear to affect the gameplay -- ie, I've never seen a runner take off after it happens.

Also, I'm a little baffled as to why I hit well over .300 in spring training in the Road to the Show mode as a 2nd baseman for the Sox, who only had Alex Cora to chose from as an alternative, and I still got sent to AAA. Even after my call up, I hit .333 for the MLB Sox, and still got sent back.