Ahead of tonights Panorama investigation into dodgy deals in the Premier League, what are peoples thoughts on this?

I've always assumed it was like politicians or athletes. Assume they are corrupt/roided and you wont go far wrong.

Nothing will be done however. Maybe 1 agent will be banned or something, but nothing substantial.

Good old Panorama!!! I can hear the music now....

You're right though, not much will come of it. Plenty of managers on the take cough A'rry cough so their going to protect themselves.

coughfat samcough

Harry Redknapp is one shifty mo fo, very twitchy too!

A'rry is a wheeler dealer, a 60 year old man stuck in a wide boy's body!! But he is a funny fucker, you have to give him that.

at the end of the whole affair, some agents will be banned and away supporters at the Reebok will have a new song. Cant see anything substatial being done to be honest.

What are agents for BTW?

Manager 1 to Manager 2 : Can I sign Bob for £10m?

Manager 2 to Manager 1 : Yes.

Manager 1 to Bob : Do you want to play for us for £90 grand a week?

Bob to Manager 1 : OK.

have a standard pro football contract for players, and Bob's your uncle(who know plays for Manager 1)

To be fair...Footballers aren't the sharpest tools in the shed generally. Agents have increased Player salaries overall, no question about that.

But I now seems that most are just parasites that do fuck all but cause trouble.

Jeff mentioned of Soccer Saturday that 185 grand had been bet on Peterhead to beat Forfar this weekend. Can't imagine that was a legit match.