Cortisone and training

Had a cortisone shot for a shoulder impingement. Forgot to ask doc how long I should wait before lifting and rolling. Anyone had it? Phone Post

how does it feel? I've been having impingement problems for awhile.

I've had it a year or longer. Managed to keep rolling and lifting but it recently got much worse, effecting sleep and training. I had cortisone jab on Monday and other than a little tender on the injection site it feels amazing. Back teaching tonight but going to take it easy Phone Post

I had a cortisone injection in my knee about 2 years ago. Waited just over a month before training again and felt perfect for about 9 months then got the same injury again and I've been out for about 7 months since and its still not right.

Really wish I never got the injection in the first place, it just masks the pain and you could be fucking it up even more without realising it.

Best of luck on the recovery. Phone Post 3.0

From what the consultant told me the anti inflammatory will help. MRI Monday so will know full extent after that. Phone Post

I would give it to weeks. Cortisone shots aid in recovery however it also masks the pain so you feel like you can train and lift hard but you cannot. Best bet, take 2 weeks off and focus on rehabbing your shoulder. Do the PT exercises to help strengthen your scapular muscles and STRETCH your shoulders.

Ya, the biggest thing to remember with cortisone shots is that they are to help you do the rehab/pt to strengthen the area. They aren't an answer in and of themselves. Phone Post 3.0

I got a cortisone shot in the shoulder for biceps tendinitis. I took a month off (doctor said 6 weeks), and did some rehab after and I haven't had any issues since that stopped me from training, but occasionally do get pain. Hope that helps and speedy recovery Phone Post 3.0

What I have been told by the Ortho's is the cortisone reduces the inflamation to allow the healing to take place. It is usually follows after if rehab is not improving the injury. It the cortizone involves a ligament or tendon then I was told to take time off 1-2 weeks. You stil need to rehab the areaafter the injection to strengthen it. There are some exceptions. I had a cortizone injection for a hip bursa after 9 months of rehab and he said I didn't need to wait 1-2 weeks. I contined PT exercises I learned from rehadb and now it is 100% healed after 2 years. Rehab is still the key after the injection.

So training wed, thurs and Friday probably wasn't a good idea then? :/ Phone Post