costco brand flea/tick meds

Anyone know anything about the Costco brand version of Frontline (flea/tick) medication?

Frontline at the store is 69$, Costco's version is 20$.

Huge difference when you have 3 pets. It isnt a generic version and the same active ingrediants. But i dont know the difference and yall are smart.


in for the experts

I've used the cheaper bands on my cats and don't notice a difference.

In for answers.

I can tell you that, as a wholesale distributor, brand names in grocery stores are vastly overpriced. Most store-brand products are simply private labeled but made by the same companies making the name brand. Phone Post 3.0

Never had an issue with Costco pet stuff.

Alot of the research i just did online ONLY shows poor reviews for it...


Tried it last year on my dogs. Didn't work for shit.

Ended up having to get Advantage from 1800 pet meds. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone here tried revolution? Phone Post 3.0

I have never had an issue with any Costco branded products. I would buy it.

By the way, Costco will give you your money back no questions asked for any Kirkland Signature products.

We have 5 pets...very costly when buying flea treatments.

Frontline works best for us (tried other brands don't seem as effective)

We buy Frontline on eBay for waaaaay less than over the counter. Phone Post 3.0

Wes_Mantooth - I have never had an issue with any Costco branded products. I would buy it.
For the most part Kirkland brand is awesome.

But this flea stuff didn't work at all for.

Check the active ingredients OP from what I remember they weren't the same as the proven brands. Phone Post 3.0

Scb669 - Anyone here tried revolution? Phone Post 3.0
Was just going to recommend this. It's fantastic. You can get it online through an Australian site, if you don't want to get it at the vets office. Shipping takes 2 weeks but its worth it. Phone Post 3.0