Costco is a Cap

I love Costco. It’s my favorite store. I get all my clothes there too

I figured out a good move. go to the checkouts and get one of the low sided fruit boxes.

I carry that to get the food stuff I need and 1-2 dry goods. its just me and my gf not 9 people. that way you can keep it under $100.

If I go to Costco I’m putting gas and getting lots of meat plus coffee. Just with them 3-6 items it’s gonna be like $275.

I like the quality of their meat, this past week they had a tri simply out of this world.

I wish we could get tri tip more easily on the East Coast.

Bussin on a stack for real for real

We can’t get it in the midwest, it’s all going to Cali

I’ve found it in one place here in the Atlanta area. I got two. Smoked one and gave the other to my BIL. Amazing beef and cheddar sauce sandwiches.

hell ya, it’s a tasty cut.

Costco is doing shabu-shabu from their NY strip loins (the nerve end). I have been doing some cheese steak sammies.

Hell, throw that into some Shin ramen w/ egg…fantastic breakfast


20 year Costco member
I bet we spent $15k there last year.


And still couldn’t get a god damn table

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btw, my Costco sells the brined rotisserie chickens raw for 2.99.

A whole massive pre-brined chicken for 3 bucks! Those evil capitalist pigs!

Costco doesn’t take Amex though. That’s some trifling ass shit

fr fr

ah sheeet

Part of the reason costco can offer such good deals is because they expect a LOT out of their vendors, including the credit card companies they work with. The reason they don’t do amex is because amex won’t play ball. But the advantage is to the member.

Lol a full day later and you’re still all wound up about it.



Wait what? Where. The only raw chickens I ever see are like $15