Anyone ever have this?  It's the inflammation of the cartilage in the sternum.  I had been having some mild chest pain, almost like pre-indigestion, and some  fatigue (more like lethargy...unwillingness to do anything athletic but not like I was getting short of breath walking up some stairs). 

I went to the doc and she arrived at this diagnosis slightly too quickly for my taste.  It's not like I wanted to immediately do a ton of cardio testing and lab work, but listening to my heart, lungs and doing a routine abdominal palpation seemed a bit light.

Anyone deal with this before?

If you exert your self does it hurt more or as you warm up does the pain subside?

Pain with deep breaths? Any movements painfull?

Fatigue could come from not wanting to breathe deeply due to the pain.

I recommend getting a second opinion. But go in with multiple questions, to ask the Dr. keep them on their toes.