Cote vs Scott Smith

not much mention of this fight, but it's a good match up. Both coming off similar type losses to Lutter, and both would really prefer to bang, neither being the type of fighter who will turn their backs from a brawl. this could be a war.

Going to be a good one.

sloppy? c'mon...

yeah, they're sloppy and both have  terrible striking, and we all know that Bry Bry has much better hands and should be fighting  against himself in place both Smith, and Cote

funny how excited people get over guys like Lawler when he is no longer in their backyard, but if he was in the UFC he would just be another fighter who doesn't deserve a spot like these guys, and quite honestly I think Cote would knock Lawler the fuck out. shame Lawler backed out of their fight in TKO. Bote Cote and Smith will come and put it all on the line and make for a great fight. dont be so quick to knock whats in your own backyard and pretend that the grass is greener on the other side when it really isn't as history has proven. This fight has the potential to be better than the majority of fights on the UFC's last card, and will also more than likely turn out better than the main event for the last UFC card, not that the main event of the last UFC will be hard to beat.

I'll tell Smith you said he was sloppy next time I see him ;).

Well Liddell may not be a very technical fighter but he's good enough to be champ, and Cote and Smith are both good enough to put on a great fight.

"i wouldnt be surprised if you guys thought that LIDDELL is a great striker"

Well I have always been of the opinion that results speak a whole lot louder than looks or perfection in form. But I am sure you couldKo world class fighter too so no big deal, you would probably look alot cooler doing it too.

^^ Now that was funny ^^

I sure hope they go out there and bang. I like Cote but after his last fight it is gettting harder to like him

"and it should satisfy the legions of tuf noobs wanting to see 2 sloppy strikers throw back and forth looping punches..."

Throw in a couple takedowns that lead to nothing, and you've got "Fight of the Year" Melendez/Kawajiri :P

Smith trains with Ganyao Fairtex and bangs full-on with James Irvin several times a week.

Obviously you've never trained standup in an MMA setting. It changes everything. But I bet you are hell on wheels as a Dungeon Master, you fucking rube.

Hey, Rube!

I used to enjoy that column.

I have a bunch of them. HST is the man.

Who fucking cares if they are both 'sloppy' strikers? This could be the
most exciting and entertaining competitive fight of the card. Matchups.

Matchups. Matchups.

I am really excited to see this fight. Smith got hosed against Terrell and
gave us one of the most entertaining finishes of ALL TIME against Sell.

Sometimes being 'technically sound' is not as much fun (to watch) as
being exciting and 'sloppy'.

Prior to Smith making that mistake against Terrell I was actually impressed by him and his takedown defense showed. He looked far more competitive with Terrell than Lutter.

Cote By KO.

Smith by doubled over in pain to stand up knock out.

Was the man, Jase. Was.



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