Cotto - Judah

Cotto is over a three to one favorite in this one. Good enough to bet Zab? He is a legit puncher and getting punchers at that money usually good enough for me. If I am not mistaken cotto has only been knocked down by Torres, but was knocked down by him more than once in the fight.

I took Judah +350 couple months ago.  Number's still too high and has to drop by fight time.

anybody else going to this event? I am, got tix in the 100's level. Should be with some russian chick. Gotta love boxing at MSG, great venue

i thought about it but i think i will go to the gatti fight in AC in july instead

I can't do that one. Going to Gatti means missing two-thirds of the HBO tripleheader including Paul Williams - Antonio Margarito. Went to Gatti - Baldomir last summer, that was fun stuff for sure, I'm sure this will be no different.

Miguel Angel Cotto vs Zab Judah: WBA Welterweight Title

Miguel Angel Cotto -321
Zab Judah +291

Over 9.5 rounds +106
Under 9.5 rounds -116

The line appears to be dropping, what do you guys think the most likely result of this fight will be. I'm honestly getting a hard time on visualizing this one, a lot of possible ways these guys approach each other.

For some reason I like Zab in this one, but with my track record lately (i was SURE Briggs would win in a KO under the 8.5 line) that should probably be a sign to run toward betting the other way. And once again, THANKS Shannon for putting on the shittiest title defense of all time. What really pissed me off was after the fight he leers into the camera nd shouts "I'm back baby, and I ain't going nowhere!" as if there was some remote chance in hell that he did something, ANYTHING to win that fight.

I bet the under too don't feel bad. I think at this number Zab is really the only bet in this fight. No way am I laying Cotto over 3 to 1.

I haven't made the bet yet though. I'm thinking I might take a pass on this one, which I hate to do with events I see live.

edit. Somebody talk me into some sort of small prop bet, please. Live events just aren't the same without the thrill of a bet.

kinda feel the same as you do, larry... I think cotto takes it, but zab is someone I hate to bet against or on... just too inconsistent, chinny and surprisingly powerful at times... makes for hell at the window...

got a small play on the over for the helluva it... hope it's an exciting event.. enjoy..

just got back. What a fight! I made some nice coin with a round prop of all things. very unusual for me to make a bet like that, but, HOLY SHIT I CANT BELIEVE IT HIT!

larry.. jealous, bro... what a fight to be present for... something I'd brag about for years!!!!

and congrats on the sheckles as well...

Yeah man, great great atmosphere! I hate round props, but I thought Cotto would wear him down in the mid-rounds and eventually get to him late - in part thanks to some advice and much discussion. I didn't like the number for the Cotto KO prop, so I decided to do round props for Cotto on rounds 10, 11 and 12. What a great fight though!!