Cotto wants to step up

Its too soon for Tszyu, in my mind. Cotto has only 21 fights, he is still learning. But Cotto Hatton would be pretty sweet, but I doubt it happens for a long time.

I am impressed that Cotto is willing to fight anyone, anywhere.

Hatton will beat Cotto.

Hatton will beat Cotto.

Hatton is supposed to fight Tszyu next, whether that fight comes off or not I dont know but Cotto should fight the top 5 now in my opinion, he has mad skills.

lol @ Homie

Id liek to see Cotto fight either one of em. Give him 4 or 5 fights and he will be No. 1. Right now, Id pick Tszyu over Cotto, and a toos up between Hatton and Cotto.