*cough* Machida replacing Vitor B. *cough*

Or so one speculates.... OAI?

No Phone Post 3.0

Wait a minute. What exactly are you insinuating?

I'm just speculating.

Lol. VERY possible if shit goes south w vitor. Machida didnt get touched and he will be fresh Phone Post 3.0

Jacare or Rockhold would be up before Machida.

DRevan - I'm just speculating.
Would be a better fight but I want to see vigor get starched Phone Post 3.0

Plausible indeed Southpaw!

You're generally correct da Vinci...but...timing and the bottom line are beginning to matter ALOT in the modern UFC I think.

And I hear ya Bisping decisioned my SN. I've got nothing against Vitor really...but...yeah....I think giving Rockhold Vitor makes ALOT of sense as a lead-in to a title shot for Rockhold? Poetic justice of sorts?.. OAI??

Timing would be a big factor...Rockhold is coming off a big win and specifically said he would stay in shape in case he has to step in to that fight. I really think Machida would be a last resort only.

Yes, the UFC loves rematches but I don't think they're going to want this one until other contenders get their shot and Machida racks up three or four wins in a row.

Jacare should be next after Vitor, but Machida would be fun.

give machida a full camp this time and i'm down.

He is the one to beat weidman

Rahjai MD - give machida a full camp this time and i'm down.

He is the one to beat weidman
Lol. Four months notice isn't enough notice for a full camp? You do realize Weidman is the one who got injured and probably had the shorter camp for that fight, right? Phone Post 3.0

I saw Machida at the Staples Center when he laid out Bader. As much as I would love to see Vitor destroyed I would love a chance to see Weidman/Machida 2. Huge fan of both! Phone Post 3.0