Could a return to Patriarchy save the United States?

Muslim nations have patriarchy and their women are under control as they should be. I’m not advocating for Islam but that’s one thing they got right.


Islam is right about women



1970 Afghanistan vs today:


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We need more “patriarchy” (gawd, I hate that term), but traditional Islam is swinging the pendulum too far the other direction.

I don’t know if patriarchy is the term… but we need more masculine men in this country (and around the world)!

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I always feel so bad for men who are threatened by women.


This country will never return to normalcy. Once you let the genie out of the bottle or whatever that old phrase is. It would take many decades to fix our society. Best bet is to live in a community of like minded traditional Americans. In the future groups of these types of Americans will move overseas and create communities with traditional American values. Sort of how nazis who fled Germany created communities in South America.

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The real threat is that enough of men just stop caring, which will lead to a societal collapse.

I am already seeing it with basement dwellers who won’t do anything productive for society.

One of the reasons why there is a worker shortage.

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Islamic societies have all gotten more conservative since the 70’s meanwhile western societies have gone off the fucking rails.

Why do young men give a shit? If they can’t find a quality woman to start a family with then why not work barely enough to play video games and hang out with your friends? Men are much less driven by materialism than women are.


This shit is misleading. The ones on the left represented a tiny elite. The vast majority of Afghans were much closer to the ones on the right.

Men don’t like expensive cars and other expensive toys? At least amongst over 35s the ones with expensive hobbies that I know tend to be the men.

Money is just a way to get pussy


We need more Western masculinity.

Islam and all its extremist beliefs can fuck right off.

Yeah, and theyre the shitholes of the world

Maybe but they don’t think so. That’s why when they emigrate to the west they keep their culture meanwhile our culture changes every 20 yrs in our own country

Not sure how you came to the conclusion that controlling woman could save our country? Open your eyes and look around. It’s not woman who are the problem. It is greedy, self centered, money hungry corporations and a whole shit ton of left leaning liberal phucks in congress who are to blame.

The left is dominated by women. It’s basically the male republicans vs the female democrats. Look at the demographics of the last election. If the left is the problem it’s because of western female support