could A.Silva be 205 champ??

Does anyone else think hes to good for present 205 pool????

No. Bigger guys are stronger and take a heavier punch. You can never say never but I doubt it.

Everyone at 205 would have to re-tool everything in there arsenal in order to get ready for the type of pace, pressure, strength, ground work, clinch work, and heart. I think with him at 205 hed be a measuring stick. Makes every 205 matchups exciting to watch. Could he be the champ? Without a doubt.

 Could be. But as stated above he doesn't want to be.

Also, Anderson has evolved phenomnally since his PRIDE days. I wouldn't use any of those losses to reference what he possibly can and can't do today.


Anderson is overhyped imo. Several guys in that division would beat him. Although I think he would do pretty well.

quidnunc - Anderson is overhyped imo.

 I stopped reading there.

I wont lie, it would be fun to watch Silva fight some LHW guys. He's destroyed most of the middleweight division in the UFC so it's only natural. Penn wants to do the same.

Add 20 lbs to anyone and you will often see a different fighter. Look at Bidping at 185....dude is quick and agile now. My point is simply to say that you may not see the same Anderson at 205.

Silva at 170 stright up kills everyone. Silva at 185 pointless to be there any more. Silva at 205 would make sense. Better competition and more give ya a run for your money type of fights. Makes sense for him to stay 205. Machida should move to 185.

Not if Irvin lands his best right hand.

I think someone like Tito would actually give him problems. With the extra size they could take him down and lay on him 3 to 5 rounds for a dec win. Plus a bigger guy would be harder to clinch.

Machida, Wanderlei, Chuck, Soko, Rampage, all those guys could give him trouble at a minumum. I think he could light Forrest up though, despite the size difference.

 Give him trouble?  Yes.  Actually beat him?  I'm thinking, no.  And Tito?  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no way.