could be gold

So I am sitting in my office today and overhear a new guy in one of our sections trying to get some play with ladies...

Was speaking about some BS I was yadda yadda yadda, Aikido....... I now am instructing this Russian system where size does not matter, I should show you guys some moves.....

myself and Brian Ebersole work with this guy so it'll be fun to listen to his heroic tales :)


ps he was a kiwi

At least it's not TKD. They're the worst.

Offer to show him your 'dog choke'....

let me guess justin systema :) sure as shit aint Sambo we grunt EVERYTHIN lol :)

If its 'systema' then it is pretty lethal stuff. I've got a couple of dvd's from a client of mine who went to Canada to train with some Russian dudes who teach it.
Cannot compare to MMA though as its not a sport and its not governed by rules. Systema is purely offensive and defensive 'kill' moves used by some special forces. Their aim is to maim or incapacitate, not roll around, fight for position or punch and hope.
Same as always though, you have to dedicate yourself to the system and train religiously as would anyone who would have to use that anyway.
I'll load some onto you tube and post when its up.


If hes a Kiwi Justin then watch out mate, his moves probably involve hitting you on the head with a 'long neck' bottle of piss, eating your fish'n' chips and then sleeping with your woman!

Arhhhh nice to reminisce.


Hey dave hope you & family (incl dog) are well mate.


yeah i have a systema instructor train classes at my gym during the day trained with him a few times its different :)

Thanks Justin, same to you and yours. Boys all good mate. Would love to train again with the IMA boys but I'm GM now so work 7 - 6.30 Mon to Fri.


same station buddy? I think we run ad's?? Should chat some time mate. 7-6.30 M-F.. some have it lucky :(


ps I threw Wallace over a sharpei x mastiff - nice pups x 9