Could Bisping Come Back and Beat Izzy?

It’s crazy to me how high people are on Izzy. He’s a crisp and flashy striker, but when you lose a decision to Jan Blackowicz you’re not anywhere close to the level of guys like Jones & GSP

Anyone can suffer a KO like GSP did in MMA, but to lose a decision to a guy who’s been beaten a good few times doesn’t put you close to guys like them. It’s like if GSP had lost by decision to Bisping in his prime, simply wouldn’t happen

Izzy is good, and a worthy champ, but he’s not special

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Believe you me he’d call Izzy out on all his fruit cake behavior


Bisping also has fucked up knees, y’all wanna see him on wheels before he’s 50 or something

I’ll take Left Hook Larry

Yep, he fought gastelum like two weeks after gsp fight…

He is taller then most of his opponents and has a tit, probably in lhw division he would have been thrown left and right and cleaned the octogon with his face multiple times

Bisping now I would say no. In his prime when he gets Izzy to the ground he’s not getting back up. He also had a knee replacement surgery. Bisping is loving his life, and seeing him enjoy life is awesome. He was champ when many said he would never be champ.

Bisping prior to vitor fight I’ll say probably beats Izzy

Bisping with one eye probably loses