Could Bisping have done better against Romero?

Bare with me here.


GSP is very intelligent and has extremely good wrestling and submissions. Romero only has wrestling.

GSP faded, but Romero fades very quickly too.


I think Michael would've fared better against Romero, and then Romero would fade and unlike GSP, Romero has nothing behind that athleticm which his wrestling style is based on.

yes, the difference in fighting iq between GSP and Romero is immense lol

Maybe, maybe not but Bisping has been unwilling to let us find out.

Honestly, it's hard to say.

I'm a huge GSP fan, but I really think his frame is just too small for MW against anyone not named Bisping. The extra muscle mass will prevent him from being the cardio machine we saw at 170, and that's a big problem.

I know mma math is usually BS, but possibly not in this example: do you think Weidman would beat Bisping? I think so, and look what Romero did to him.

imho, Romero would have destroyed Bisping as well. Hell, top 5 would.

However, I will give props to Bisping for being a tough MF, but talent-wise he's out of his league.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you - lot's of unknowns here because Bisping refused to risk his belt against any of them, waiting for a money-fight to cash in on the belt PPV points. Even though he lost, as EVERYONE should have known, at least he did get that - no idea how much money he made, but it had to be the most for a fight in his career.

Wouldn't have mattered...only the way the title changed hands.

romero by ko

If GSP took Bisping down, Romeroould toss him on his head...

ons ear - If GSP took Bisping down, Romeroould toss him on his head...

Not necessarily. 


GSP took him down because he’s the best at transitioning from striking to wrestling.