Could brock fight end in a dive?

Thinking about this... wwe have permission for a one off ufc fight out of the blue... right before their second biggest ppv of the year. I don't think wwe would benefit with brock going to ufc 200 and losing the fight. But both wwe and ufc would greatly benefit from brock win. Ufc wins either way... IMO the only way I see wwe taking this risk is if Dana white guaranteed a Brock win.
Ufc compensates Brock's opponent greatly to take a dive, and it's a win win win. Opponent and Brock get huge payday, ufc gets a huge payday by having Brock on card for huge ppv buys, and wwe reaps the residual awards of having a winning ufc fighter main eventing summerslam... not saying it's true just saying I wouldn't put any money on his opponent. Phone Post 3.0

You cant talk about alleged works.


Also, lol.

Assuming he fights a legit guy, it'll look like a dive Phone Post 3.0

U could be right my friend Phone Post 3.0

CaliKush - Assuming he fights a legit guy, it'll look like a dive Phone Post 3.0
Like Carwin? Or maybe more like two division champ Randy Couture. Perhaps even Frank Mir? Phone Post 3.0

I'm just saying it is a possibility. That's all. If any fight to be shady it would be this one. I think it'll have to be a legit opponent also... what if they put him in with a sub par guy and Brock loses... that's the worst case scenario for wwe. Phone Post 3.0