Could Couture regain HW title??

Now that Ricco and Barnett really aren't competing in the UFC all that often, I think Couture could have a pretty good chance of regaining the HW title. He's already cleaned out the UFC's 205 division, and a rematch with any of these guys is almost a lose/lose situation for him. He beat Ortiz, Lidell, and Belfort pretty convincingly, and if he were to rematch with any of them and lose he'd have to start all over again in that division. From what I understand Frank Mir is technically still the champ, but correct me if I'm wrong. I think as skilled as he is that he would have a good shot against Mir, Sylvia, or Arlovski. If he were to pull this off, which I think he has a decent shot of being able to do, he could retire as a freaking legend. Just looking for other opinions on this.

The answer is NO.

Couture has nothing to prove there. He is a great LHW and the division was made for him it seems.

He is already a legend.

Big dudes are a lot hareder to hold against the fence and harder to get off when sitting on your chest punching you. No he would not regain it right now.