Could Fang Bian be one to dethrone the 185 Champio

Could Fang Bian be the one to dethrone the 185 champion?


It's looking like there is a dearth of challengers for the title at 185. 

The division is looking very striker dominant. 

The UFC scouting system is arguably not what it once was. 

Bian has a record of 60-0 competing mostly in the Wu Lin Feng promotion. It's not an MMA promotion per se but it's as a 'martial arts' promotion. There is much more standing grappling and takedowns permitted than in a kickboxing promotion. He holds wins over guys like Kaoklai (the same Kaoklai who moved up from the K-1 lightweight division to the heavyweight division to knock out mighty mo). 

He has also competed extensively in Sanda. 

It would be hard to imagine Adesanya taking him down and submitting him, going through Bian's takedown defense. 

If not who else can pose a challenge to Adesanya?