could fedor cut to 205?

my guess is probably.and if so how would the fight go with silva?

would be sweet in my opinion,if they allowed fedor to hold 2 belts.

id have to agree with ya.

Why not, it's not like Fedor is a particularly huge or lean heavyweight. Igor weighed about the same as a heavy (235-240), carried about as much extra baggage, and has no problem making 205 nowadays.

All they'd have to do is let Silva bulk up to 220 and let Fedor cut down to 220.

it would be sweet as hell.

They could definatly meet in the middle somewhere.

Silva bulked up to 215 for the Crocop-fight, and said afterwards that it was too heavy for him and that he felt slow. I think he's better off staying at the weight he is at now.

I like Wand a lot but Fedor would beat him senseless.

If he cut off both his legs.

If Vanderlei wins the Grand Prix (which I think he will) there is talk of him moving up to Heavyweight. He's expressed interest in fighting Cro Cop again and a fight vs. Fedor would be the biggest fight Pride could put together.

Fyodor might be able to make 205, but he shouldn't. His nervous system is set up to expect 240 or whatever he is, and he just wouldn't have as good overall movement at 205. It takes the body quite a while to get used to weight change.

Of course he could. As JensK pointed out, Igor at HW was only about 10-15 pounds lighter than Fedor, and he is 5'9" to Fedor's 6 feet -- and Igor was actually leaner at HW than Fedor is now. Or, for another example, if a lean Couture at 6'1 or 6'2 could cut from 228 (his high at HW) to 205, of course a flabby 6' 240 Fedor could.

There's simply no need for Fedor to drop weight, unless he wants a new challenge after he smashes Crocop.

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