Could GSP beat Lawler and Hendo?

Not 100% certain he would but Jake Shields did...


Take both down...control hendo and sub robbie

yes he would.

lets not forget, Hendo almost beheaded Jake. Not sure how Jake recovered, honestly.

how does Henderson win? GSP is the best gamer out there. He knows what we all know. Dan throws a wild telegraphed overhand right, thats about it. His wrestling was exposed a bit against Shields.

GSP has better wrestling than shields, and is stronger and faster as well.

nowaydo - Yes

Take both down...control hendo and sub robbie

But don't forget his standup is amongst the most elusive.

He ain't getting tagged standing by either one.


 The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is yes, but with more words.

Yes, GSP could beat Lawlor and Hendo.  Unless he started smoking and got pneumonia.  Even then maybe.

 Of course...why not??

Hendo and Lawler have never been good MMA wrestlers

Monsters Ball - Hendo would beat GSP.

Certainly not the Hendo that Jake beat imo.

Getting blasted by Matt Serra will always make me give guys like these two at least a chance.

no chance i think.

his bjj is no where near shields lvl. thats how shields beat hendo and lawler.

Yes he could.

Both are fights I would like to see, but GSP is going to have the size disadvantage

I think GSP beats Lawler if he gets it to the ground, but GSP has been able to takedown anyone he wants. And if it gets to the ground a sub is almost inevitable.

I can't recall a time I've seen GSP on his back and I think that's what Hendo would have to do, much like he did to Anderson Silva in the first round.

yes and make it look easy

There are a lot of unanswered questions about what he can do at Middleweight.

I personally think he'll have a lot of trouble there against the sonnens and okami's

But at welterweight, he's the best. Period.

sheilds may have beat those two guys. But he looked terrible against Kampmann and GSP would have destroyed him.

GSP needs to take a fight a middle after Shields, then fight Condit.

Yes Phone Post

Lot of crack smokeage in this thread. Hendo would beat GSP, soundly.

irishrottie - no chance i think.

his bjj is no where near shields lvl. thats how shields beat hendo and lawler.

no! he beat hendo with his wrestling! and if he could do that then I definitely think GSP could do it as well.

kind of amazing how gsp is in the discussion to beat a top 15 lhw Phone Post