Could Hughes move to 185 and compete for #1

and get a title shot? I'm trying to think of who his next fight could be.

Does he still have the skill to put Anderson on his back?

If he could build a time machine he would kick ass. Also if he talks himself out of striking he would be competitive.

He should fight Marguardt or Maia. Sorry if spelling is wrong.

I've never been a big Hughes fan, actually dislike him, but being a legend it'd be cool to see him make a final run @ 185.

Stand Hughes next to guys like Sonnen, Marquardt, Silva, etc. and you'd notice a pretty big size difference. He's 5'9", while just about all of the top MW's are at least 6'0 tall.


Hes not a real big ww.

I say have Hughes move up to 185, have Rashad move down to 185, and let them settle their unfinished business from Season 2 of TUF once and for all - in the octagon.

Hughes would have huuge issues taking down Akiyama, Wanderlei, Bisping, Silva, Marquart which would all outstrike him. Sonnen, Maia, Palhares would outmuscle or outgrapple him. I don't see him moving very far in the MW division at all. He might be able to take out Leben or Belcher (if he ever gets back :-/ ).

Hughes is kinda like Franklin. Too good to be let go from the ufc but just not title contenders. Just give them interesting fights but no need to say title

hughes wouldnt win a title at 185

I always think of it like this. If a guy is strong and on the upper end in size of the division he should say there. If he goes up in weight he is giving up strength and size to every opponent.
Think Franklin and Hendo at 205. They are the big and strong at 185 but not as big or strong at 205.
The same goes with speedy guys moving down. Quicker fighters should stay in the same weight division if they can hang with strong guys. Swick and Diego are good examples.

Hughes would not be able to grind on and lift up Sonnen or Marquardt like he could Trigg or Serra.

yes he has a solid chance at 185

He has a whole new crop of B level fighters waiting for him.170 is way to deep,sorry the difference in talent more then makes up for the weight differences,also chael is the only wrestler at 185

 Not a chance. All credit to Hughes but while he did put Almeida away there was a noticeable size difference. As stated above guys like Toquinho and Okami would give him fits.

I don't see the problem with Hughes doing what he's doing...He won't be fighting too much longer, but is still a threat to anyone...Still some interesting matchups out there until he calls it in...He's probably just having fun... He deserves it... He's been in the title picutre for over a decade...Now he's just having fun

do you guys realize that the difference in someone like Hughes who cuts to his lowest possible weight and someone who does a regular cut is typically about 7 lbs or so,in terms of weight classes we have

In other words you have 185ers who could make 180 or 177 but never 170,you have 170ers like Hughes and Alves who could never even make 167 and if they were about 5 lbs naturally bigger they would be fighting at 185 anyway

He would do fine

I think that Hughes is too small, especially at this point in his career, to fight the bigger guys in the middleweight division. For example, Okami and Marquart. Let's face it. There are a number of people at 170 lbs. that he cannot beat, and it would be odd to go up in weight and do better. He would have to outwrestle larger opponents and avoid submissions.

the thing is most of the guys he cant beat at 170 our guys who are solid wrestlers themselves,it neutralizes his biggest advantage.He lost to Alves but cmon that fight didnt prove anything

See Miletich's attempt at MW

It would be interesting to see how a Hughes/Maia fight would play out.