Could JCVD have made it in the UFC?


Jean Claude Van Dam

van damme dance

Jean Claude Van Damme

From the splits for extra leverage? Phone Post


Maybe. He was a kickboxer after all.

Very good kicks...especially that helicopter kick could have been useful for guys trying to close the distance.

Helicopter kick BÄÄM!!!

 Royce would have tapped him.

Rules work against him as the Dim Mak is not allowed.

Imagine them tree kicks on your ribs?? Yowzaa Phone Post

TTT Phone Post

NoGi bear - Jean Claude Van Damme
This is great.  Now I show you some trick or two.


You never know, if he'd trained seriously he might have done well.



Just ask Chuck Zito

NoGi bear - TTT

 Why are you TTTing all your old threads?  Whats the point?

Mostly boredom Phone Post