Could PRIDE keep old rules if

Could PRIDE in Japan keep their oldstyle rules if the ownership just simply decided that they didnt need to fight in the US and Las Vegas in particular under NSAC rules?

NOw that the UFC suits own them, they dont need to expand into the US Market physically, they can still get the US PPV market via satellite from Japan.

fertittas dont need their own entities (UFC/PRIDE competing against themsleves here in the US at this point in time.

I see the Grand Prix postponement as time to make this conclusion after much insight on all angles by the Fertitta Suits.

PRIDE will keep the atmosphere that made them so successfull in Japan and amongst the loyal MMA fanbase which has now proven to be huge.

Sounds like a pipe dream. They want to monopolize the rules and create a uniform standard. That's all good, but they should have pushed for Pride rules as universal rules.

Dana White wants unified rules.

We know Dana White wants unified rules, he has alluded to that many times. However, he was saying that without the notion of actually owning PRIDE JAPAN. Fertitta's are businessmen first, and after looking at the potential impact in Japan of changing the rules right now, its just too risky in terms of reaction from the Japanes fanbase. The same fanbase that made them hugely popular and filled arenas over there. This can be their excuse for not unifying the rules for now, and they will maybe lead up to actual rule unification in the future after testing the waters for awhile.

They can still hold the unified MMA titles in US under Neveda rules, but dont have to give up the current PRIDE RULES just yet.