Could really use some help

 Ive been playing Oblivion for a while now. Did every quest possible and got all the good shit.

So I then go and get the Shivering and Knights of the Nine expansion and play that.

Now I want to get all the plug ins that are only available from the Live marketplace.

So my friend who has an account downloads them for me onto my hard drive.

But when I get home and load, I dont get the pop-ups. So I take it back to his house and load my save off of my hard-drove and it all pops up. So he then loads it again with live unplugged and it still works. So I save all the new content and take it home.

Yet as soon as I get home and load it says that the content is no longer present and removes all the map markers and shit.

I know the plug ins were installed to my HD. But because I dont have live and he did it through his live profile I can only access them when I have his profile present?

Im really at a loss to figure this shit out and very disgusted.

It's because you used his console with your hard drive.

I guess as part of preventing people from copying stuff, if it's not the original console you downloaded it on then you have to be connected to Xbox Live for the stuff to be activated.

You can try taking your entire console and re-downloading the stuff, but I don't know if it will work.

 Interesting idea. Thanks.

 Now that I think about it, if theres no "talk" between the console itself and the modem how could that true?

When you download something, it's assigned to the specific console, not the hard drive. So even though it's on the hard drive, it won't work if the hard drive is on a console that didn't download it.

 Damn, I just called xbox and youre right.

Now heres a question:

If I decide to be a maniac and drop the money again, could I bring my console over to the guy's house and have him buy it again with his life profile and download it to my console and hard drive again?

Would I have to first delete it off my HD?

I must have these plug ins.

I was suggesting deleting it and downloading it again for free, which you can do.

I don't know if that will work, but you won't be able to pay for it again without a different account anyway.

 I went apeshit and just hooked live up myself at home and downloaded it.

I was getting very frustrated and stopped caring.

Thanks again for the help.